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Haven’t quite gotten there yet, but I will be populating my blogroll pretty soon. I’ll definitely include, a great blog on New York wine, one of my favorite topics. I emailed Lenn (whose last name is Thompson, not Devours or even DeVours for that matter) last year to tell him I was a fan. […]

To prep for my diploma studying, I’ve starting creating spreadsheets that will (fingers crossed) cover all the information I’ll need to know. I’m not usually an Excel type girl, but desperate times call for desperate measures. As with all things wine, the WSET syllabus starts with Bordeaux, and that’s the first region I’ve started in […]



Carrying out our fine tradition of dining well on someone else’s dime (Pile ou Face, RIP), Casey took me out for a boondoggle dinner at Country on Friday night. Last year Bene and Carrie took me out to the downstairs café for some birthday drinks and apps. We enjoyed the food, the people-watching – Life […]

So I’ve up and done it, people – I’ve started a blog. Mostly I’ll be writing about wine, specifically my quest to obtain the WSET Diploma, a hard-core wine degree held by only about 100 people in the U.S. The Diploma is also the stepping stone to the Master of Wine, the hardest-core wine degree […]