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Bad Winemutt


I’ve been a bad winemutt this week – busy taking care of my real mutt while Paul is off shooting a commercial in LA to keep us in kibble. I had the best of intentions to write last night, but my first Netflix-ed DVD of The Wire Season 2 arrived in the mail yesterday and […]

In honor of Wine Resolution #2, I’ve been checking out, a Spanish and Portuguese wine blog written by an expat American couple living in Spain. Blogger Ryan Opaz wrote a great post a few weeks ago touching on one of my fave wine topics, varietal “correctness.” A varietally correct wine is one that exhibits […]

One summer, my friend’s mom and her neighbor vowed to drink champagne every day until Labor Day, which I think is a pretty kick-ass resolution. Alas, much as I’d love to pull off something similar, that kind of endeavor is not a great fit with my current lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean I can’t set […]