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OK, so first of all, it’s Morgeot, not Mougeots, as I wrote in my earlier post. And I speak the language — what’s going to happen to me when I get to Germany and Austria? The good news is, the wine was a resounding success, one of the favorites of our group. Here’s my tasting […]

I had been avoiding Burgundy Wine Company for a long time. The slightly out of the way location (26th between 6th and 7th) and inconvenient hours (7 pm closing time and closed on Sundays) didn’t help, but mostly I’m intimidated by Burgundy. To my mind, Burgundy lovers are the architecture grad students of the wine […]



What does the improbably awesome, awesomely improbable Giants victory over the Patriots have to do with wine? Not much – aside from the fact that I watched Sunday’s game with my very cool wine tasting group. It was a very long, very exciting afternoon into evening, as shown by my 6 pages of detailed, occasionally […]