Don’t Fear Burgundy (Wine Company)


I had been avoiding Burgundy Wine Company for a long time. The slightly out of the way location (26th between 6th and 7th) and inconvenient hours (7 pm closing time and closed on Sundays) didn’t help, but mostly I’m intimidated by Burgundy. To my mind, Burgundy lovers are the architecture grad students of the wine world: very smart, a little self-important, supremely confident in their own taste, and dismissive of anything that smacks of showiness or frivolity.

I shouldn’t have been worried. I stopped by the store yesterday to pick up a bottle of 2004 Gagnard-Delagrange 2004 Chassagne-Montrachet Mougeots for my group tasting this evening, and the experience could not have been more pleasant. The store is spacious and tranquil, complete with a little sitting area where you can flop down on a couch and consult one of their many wine books. They have a great selection of Burgundy, of course, but also a good range of wines from the Rhône and Oregon. The salespeople were generous with their knowledge and very friendly. Best of all, they offer a daily quiz, and correct answers knock a few bucks off your wine bill. I got 7/10 right. As I only need a 55% percent to pass my Unit 3 diploma exam, I’m taking that as a good sign.

I’ll report back on the Chassagne-Montrachet after tonight’s group tasting.


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