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Some Good News


The economy’s had me in a bit of a tizzy lately.  Basically, I wake up each morning thankful that I have a job. I’m trying to cultivate what Oprah might call an “attitude of gratitude” so on that note, a few bright spots. I had dinner the other night with Philip James, the very clever founder […]

So Friday was my birthday. Paul took me out to a lovely dinner at Allegretti in the Flatiron District, where we drank a slightly disappointing Bandol. I’ve put it behind me, however, and am now thinking about my wine wishes for the year ahead. The imploring/cautiously hopeful expression here on Nutleigh, the original WineMutt (please […]

  People who don’t know a lot about wine often tell me that they choose wines by the label. They say it with some embarrassment, but I don’t think they have anything to be ashamed of — particularly if they’re talking about the back label. I picked up this wine, a $15 Loire red, simply […]

Well, not really — I just couldn’t resist headline. I got a snapshot of this terrible T-shirt — truly, there are few things tackier than wine tchotchkes — Cat a food show on Sat. I scored the tickets from a colleague (a $95 face value for the low low price of…free) and thought what better […]

My election day post touched sort of tangentially on something I think about a lot — how much does the power of suggestion affect how we taste and think about wines? Sometimes I worry that I’m just too suggestible. It could be the comment of a tasting partner (“you’re getting kiwi? well, now that you […]

  Swing states, senate seats, concession speeches…let’s get down to the real issue: what wine tastes best with a big serving of CNN election coverage and take out hamburgers? (Sadly, I am drinking at home rather than at Bene’s blowout election fest because I have work to do tonight.)   I’m going for an Eliseo […]