Jancis, Gary V and me


My election day post touched sort of tangentially on something I think about a lot — how much does the power of suggestion affect how we taste and think about wines? Sometimes I worry that I’m just too suggestible. It could be the comment of a tasting partner (“you’re getting kiwi? well, now that you mention it, so am I!”) or else just the romance of a nice backstory of the winemaker or the vineyard. This lack of analytical rigor is one of my deep, dark winetasting self-doubts, so I was relieved to see two of my absolute favorites, Jancis Robinson and Gary Vaynerchuk, admit that they too are prone to this kind of thing. (It’s about 15 minutes in, when they’re tasting the Assyrtiko). It’s still a tendency I need to tame, but it’s nice to know that I’m in good company!


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