Wine takes the b***h right out of me.



Well, not really — I just couldn’t resist headline. I got a snapshot of this terrible T-shirt — truly, there are few things tackier than wine tchotchkes — Cat a food show on Sat. I scored the tickets from a colleague (a $95 face value for the low low price of…free) and thought what better way to spend an extremely rainy Saturday afternoon than sampling bad crab cakes and flavored vodkas? Carrie was kind enough to make the hike over to 55th and 12th with me. There were a lot of low lights (the crab cakes were truly very, very bad) but there were at least two things we really enjoyed.


1. Run, don’t walk to to Carrie was crazy for the spicy hot pecan and I loved the hazelnut almond, but really they were all delicious. They’re not really peanut butter substitutes as much as condiments or sauces. Marilyn (a lovely woman from Seattle) suggested the spreading them on fish before broiling, stirring them into rice, or, in the case of the cinnamon walnut pecan, heating it gently and putting it on pancakes or ice cream. 

2. The Fine Water bar. I had read about water sommeliers and all sorts of H2O-related craziness, but this was the first time I had actually seen it up close. In the middle of the convention floor there was a glowing, very luxe-looking fine water bar. (The fohncy back lighting helps to explain the crappiness of the pictures in the gallery below.) A very nice Danish man tasted us through 3 bottled waters that came from rain water. One from Brazil, another from Tasmania, another from Greenland. The Tasmanian water had an aftertaste that he compared to “blowing up an air mattress” which was pretty much dead on. Only after some prodding did our Danish friend reveal that he, too, had launched his own water, Iskilde. (Which means “ice spring.” I think.) He tasted us on the still and sparkling versions. Carrie and I were really struggling to find the right vocabulary. Clean? Pure? Neutral? Not like an air mattress? The whole thing was slightly surreal. Our Dane seemed amused by our amusement, though, and a good time was had by all.

Perhaps the best worst thing to happen to us was our discovery, 10 minutes before we had to leave, that we were right next door to NY’s famed chocolate show. We did some serious damage–Carrie swooned over some chocolate peanut butter from the Peanut Butter Co, and these peeps stole my heart, particularly the coffee bean and salt varieties. Any more than 10 minutes there, and who knows what could have happened…


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