WineMutt Three Birthday Wishes


nut-wishing6So Friday was my birthday. Paul took me out to a lovely dinner at Allegretti in the Flatiron District, where we drank a slightly disappointing Bandol. I’ve put it behind me, however, and am now thinking about my wine wishes for the year ahead. The imploring/cautiously hopeful expression here on Nutleigh, the original WineMutt (please note bottle of wine in the background) seemed appropriate. So, in no particular order, my three wine wishes:

1. More northern Rhone. I say I love this region, and I really do, but I don’t drink enough of it. Prices are high and availability is scarce, but I will not let that scare me off. (Speaking of Rhone, how fun would it have been to be cast in this reality series?)

2. Less alcohol. A 14.5% Pinot Noir? Syrah at 16%? At that point, I’d rather be drinking booze.

3. More Jancis! Seriously, my love and admiration for this woman borders on obsession. I met her at a book signing a few years ago, and I’m determined to see her again in person sometime in the next 12 months.


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