Some Good News


The economy’s had me in a bit of a tizzy lately.  Basically, I wake up each morning thankful that I have a job. I’m trying to cultivate what Oprah might call an “attitude of gratitude” so on that note, a few bright spots. I had dinner the other night with Philip James, the very clever founder of Snooth, a great wine recommendation Web site. I met him at Lenn’s Roanoke Wine Bar event (yep, that’s me in the purple sweater) last month and was happy we got to reconnect. He’s confident that the wine retail business is going to weather the current storm fairly well, alcohol being a vice that people turn to in times of trouble and all. My wine consumption and appreciation are fairly constant (that is, high) so I forget that other people’s consumption might vary depending on external factors. Philip, who’s from the UK, also shed some light on the whole bad British teeth phenomenon: no flouride in the water and socialized medicine providing no incentives for frequent orthodontic intervention. So yay, I’m retroactively grateful for my 4th grade braces and bite plate — go USA.

In other good news, can’t wait for T-giving, particularly picking out appropriate wine matches. Lenn asked me the other day what I was drinking and shamefully, I haven’t even begun to think about it yet.  Definitely American, and definitely something, shall we say, “value oriented” as there will be 14 of us. A fun project for tomorrow — more TK.


One Response to “Some Good News”

  1. I’m just glad to see you blogging…even if it’s only on here!

    Still waiting to hear what you’re pouring on Thursday…I hope you do the “blogger thing to do” and post a round up afterwards!

    Good luck cooking for all those peeps.

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