Post-Thanksgiving Thoughts


Cranberry Upside-Down Cake Avec Decorative Rosemary SprigHad to feature a picture of my chef d’oeuvre, this cranberry upside-down cake. I also made an apple-almond-phyllo creation that was pretty good, but this cake was definitely the winner. There is something about upside-down cake that people can’t help but like. It’s the golden retriever of the dessert world. Homey, all-American, lovable.

If only I could have said the same of my wine selections. They weren’t bad, per se, but they weren’t anything to blog about. The most notable thing about my wine selection this year was how hard it was to pick them out. Given the Current Economic Climate (and the fact that we were hosting 12 people), I was committed to spending under $20 a bottle. I picked up a Joel Gott Chardonnay, an O’Reilly Pinot Gris, and Hedges’ CMS Red. Pretty middle of the road. Had I wanted to spend more money, if turkey weren’t so bland, and if I weren’t sick to death of the taste of under $30 West Coast Pinot Noir, I suppose I would have had more options. I stole a few furtive glances at the France and Italy sections, but I don’t care what Eric Asimov says — Thanksgiving is for American wines, period.

Walking home from the wine store and feeling ambivalent about my selections, I started wondering why there aren’t any wine stores, or wine bars, in New York City that just specialize in American wines. There’s Vintage, of course, for New York wines, but how come some enterprising person hasn’t started a business that just features the best of the USA? Now that it’s “cool” to be patriotic again, perhaps the time is right.


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