A reconsideration


In my last post I gave a mediocre review of my T-giving wines, including a Joel Gott Chardonnay. Two weeks ago I had the chance to try the wine again, and a revision is definitely in order. How could I have missed the lemon curd deliciousness?  

Probably because the first time I tried it I was sneaking tastes between setting the table and whipping up cranberry upside-down cake, and the second time around was during a very relaxed tasting. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that context matters, but it’s amazing how much it matters. Time matters, too. We talk a lot about how time affects wine, but not enough about how time affects our experience of wine. Tasting wine quickly — whether gurgling and spitting 30 wines at an industry event or trying to fit in a few nips before your guests arrive — is kind of like speed reading. (Which makes me think of that dumb Woody Allen quote…”I took a speed reading course and read ‘War and Peace’ in 20 minutes. It involves Russia.”) There’s definitely a place for it, but a lot gets lost.


One Response to “A reconsideration”

  1. 1 PB in Seattle

    Which is why I don’t make a final decision on a wine until I can sit down and enjoy an entire bottle (not always by myself… by very possible).

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