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Here are some pics and quick notes from the tasting I referred to in my last post. The theme was lesser-known French wines in the $20 vicinity. ┬áTasting notes for the sake of tasting notes aren’t that helpful, but I’m also including some advice that I gave the participants in a follow-up email. ┬áThe second […]

Someone asked me a great question at a tasting I held last week. I was trying to make the point that nearly everyone has the requisite tools to understand and appreciate wine: a sense of smell, a sense of taste, and a basic level of critical thinking. Plenty of people feel comfortable offering their opinions […]

In honor of our tenth pseudo-anniversary (Paul & I met on New Year’s Eve ’98), we decided to host an intimate, fahncy dinner party. Paul’s one rule was that guests had to commit to our party for the entire evening, none of this “I’ll stop by for 45 minutes before going to my former office […]