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In my last post I gave a mediocre review of my T-giving wines, including a Joel Gott Chardonnay. Two weeks ago I had the chance to try the wine again, and a revision is definitely in order. How could I have missed the lemon curd deliciousness?   Probably because the first time I tried it […]

Had to feature a picture of my chef d’oeuvre, this cranberry upside-down cake. I also made an apple-almond-phyllo creation that was pretty good, but this cake was definitely the winner. There is something about upside-down cake that people can’t help but like. It’s the golden retriever of the dessert world. Homey, all-American, lovable. If only […]

So Friday was my birthday. Paul took me out to a lovely dinner at Allegretti in the Flatiron District, where we drank a slightly disappointing Bandol. I’ve put it behind me, however, and am now thinking about my wine wishes for the year ahead. The imploring/cautiously hopeful expression here on Nutleigh, the original WineMutt (please […]

  People who don’t know a lot about wine often tell me that they choose wines by the label. They say it with some embarrassment, but I don’t think they have anything to be ashamed of — particularly if they’re talking about the back label. I picked up this wine, a $15 Loire red, simply […]

OK, I admit it. I’ve been feeling a little smug lately. Maybe it was the fact that I did pretty well on my study group’s blind tasting exercise. Or that I devoted a good part of my President’s Day to researching the slopes and soils of Burgundy. Or perhaps it’s just that many of the […]

So in honor of the fact that 1)it’s Opening Day and 2)I’ve had several people ask me what the deal is with Winemutt, I’m going to deal with myself and start posting again. In part I’ll be putting up posts from Lenn’s site, where I post more or less weekly, and adding some “original content” […]